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About Andrea

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Andrea Hill is a business owner and writer. From a business standpoint, she is published extensively in business press and her thinking/critical blog is highly regarded within the small business community. On the personal side, she has a long history of political and social activism, including years of gang intervention, working in battered women's shelters, and raising many children in need who found their way to her doorstep. 

She has vast experience driving profitable growth in small to mid-sized companies. She owns Hill Management Group, LLC, with the brands StrategyWerx and SupportWerx. StrategyWerx is Andrea’s platform for serving small business owners. In the 1980s Andrea began serving mom-and-pop video store owners as a member of the management team of the country’s first video distributorship. As the video industry quickly consolidated and pushed its early adopters out, Andrea became impassioned about helping small business owners succeed. She carried that passion on to serve small direct marketing companies through her direct marketing consultancy in the early ’90s, then she went on to serve jewelry retail store owners, jewelry designers and manufacturers as the CEO of one of the world’s largest suppliers to the jewelry industry. Throughout those years of serving small business owners, Andrea was taking her own companies through dramatic, profitable growth. Andrea Hill provides advice based on over twenty years of personal experience. She draws from her mistakes as well as her victories to help her clients succeed and prosper.

Prior to starting HMG/StrategyWerx, Andrea was the CEO of The Bell Group/Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, with divisions engaged in direct marketing, manufacturing of equipment and jewelry, and wholesale distribution. Prior to The Bell Group, Andrea was the president of After the Stork, an international children’s clothing manufacturer and direct marketer, president and owner of Anthill Marketing; president of a direct marketing consultancy; and director of merchandising for Playboy Enterprise’s direct marketing catalog operation.

Andrea has expert knowledge in strategic development, branding, marketing, leadership development, operations design, lean manufacturing, quality systems, and strategic measurement. She is regularly published in the business press, has written and delivered dozens of management development programs, and she excels at leading executive teams through strategic development processes.

From a personal standpoint, Andrea is determined to play a small role in creating a better world. Her personal philosophy is to try to see the face of God in everyone she meets, and her personal mission is to inspire others to reach beyond personal limitations and see themselves as part of a big, wonderful, messy, exciting world that has room enough, potential enough, and love enough for all of us. From a business standpoint, Andrea believes small business is the backbone of world commerce and opportunity. “Small business accounts for the vast majority of our employment, opportunity creation, and innovation,” she says. “It has a disproportionate ability to create shared wealth without the large corporate risk of corruption. I can think of no nobler thing to do with the latter half of my career than bring everything I have learned to the service of these brave people who wake up every day and create opportunity for themselves and others. Is that overly dramatic? I don’t think so. Small business is the embodiment of our shared pioneer spirit. It’s important, it’s exciting, and it’s what I do best.”

Andrea lives in SE Wisconsin with her life partner and their children. There they enjoy country life, manage an extensive organic garden and many flower beds, watch birds, play with their dogs and cats, and hang out with their large extended family and lifelong friends.