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Don't Let this Industrial Revolution Pass You By

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Business & Ethics

What is the Internet of Things?

Libelium Internet of ThingsI've been holding on to the front page of the Milwaukee Journal for a month now, returning over and over to an article written by John Schmid about the Internet of Things.  Mr. Schmid didn't invent the term, referred to in technology circles as IoT. I can find references to it going back to the Consumer Electronics Show in 1994, when remote-controlled thermostats were introduced. In March of 2010 McKinsey & Company referred to the Internet of Things as "sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects—from roadways to pacemakers—linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet."

Until now, the concept has been one explored primarily by big data - Cisco, Rockwell, General Electric, and other massive enterprises that will make their next wave of fortunes by connecting all these things to the internet. But in the Journal Article, Mr. Schmid quoted Keith Nosbusch, CEO of Rockwell Automation Inc. saying, "We are past the inflection point, where there are now more things connected to the Internet than people." 

GPS for your Future

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Business & Ethics

A roadmap is essential when driving to new places. A strategy map is essential when driving into the future. Keep your eye on your road.

The Answer to "What Do You Sell?" May Not Be What You Think

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Business & Ethics

The failure rate for small business is over 70% in the first five years of operaiton. Asking a few important questions at the outset - or even when you realize your business isn't thriving - can help you turn the corner instead of turning out the lights.

This PDF download is available to you for FREE. It's a quick read that will give you a lot to think about!

Only a Small Dose, Please

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Business & Ethics

My consulting clients get the unvarnished truth from me. It's not always what they want to hear, but people in positions of power (any position of power) must have someone they can depend on to tell them the truth without fear of consequence. But when they say to me, "I wish you worked for me," I just crack up and tell them: "No, you don't. If I were your employee you would immediately hate the very thing that makes you like me now. Been there, all done with that." We humans are so frail. We need our truths spread out in small doses.

Let's Not Do This

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Business & Ethics

I just read that key copy drivers for 2010 marketing include Anger, Greed, Fear, Guilt, Exclusivity, Salvation, and Flattery. Really? Ick.