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Birthday Night

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

When my granddaughter, Aubrey, was asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted to stay in a "beautiful hotel" in Chicago for the weekend with me and a girlfriend. School is still out for the holidays, so we decided to go this weekend before New Years Eve. We did the usual Chicago things - the Museum of Science and Industry, Yolk for Breakfast, and Giordano's for dinner.

But the most magical part of Aubrey's birthday adventure was exploring every ballroom in the Palmer House, late last night, the girls in PJs, while crews set up for the next day's new years eve parties. Hushed but busy, party favors arranged on tables, almost-10-year-old girls dancing to their own music on every ballroom dance floor. I hope that memory accompanies them to every glamorous party they attend for the rest of their lives.