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Put the Kids in Charge

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

I just took four days to experience R&R at the discretion of an 8-yr-old. To guide, not control; offer suggestions, then go with the flow; (oh, & drive). It was all about parks, pools, zoos, snacking not dining, loooong walks, holding hands, staying up late & watching movies while eating candy in bed, & non-stop talking. If being truly present is so rewarding, why is it so rare? I am claiming more of it. With my whole family.

Leave a Little Space

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

If your brain is all filled up with knowing the answers, you won't have any capacity for asking the questions.

Stop Running from Your Dreams

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

Whatever it is that you want in life, just put it out there. Sooner than you think, it happens. The challenge isn't to get it -- it's to stop running from it.

Same Paths, Different Roads

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

The benefits of assuming others have experienced the same life-chipping-chiseling-carving-molding-and-smoothing that we have far outweigh the risks. Plus, it's so rewarding to find a newer, shinier, wiser, more interesting friend where an otherwise perfectly good friend used to be.

Probably Not a Good Idea

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

I'm thinking that picking "Closer to Fine" for a funeral song would probably put some people off. I'll just sit around and sing it for a few hours instead.

Stop. Write.

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

Hurtling through the day without time to think? Stop. Write down your objectives, solutions, or ideas. Clear writing forces clear thinking.

It's Risky Business Speaking for God

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

Most men indeed, as well as most sects in religion, think themselves in possession of all truth, and that wherever others differ from them, it is so far error.


It is a complicated world we live in. A world in which we require conviction about certain things in order to center ourselves and make our way. A world in which those same convictions can sometimes blind us to a greater truth or realization about life, love, and God.

Life is What You Make it

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

My mom are planning an escape. If they don't do surgery today, we are going to tuck her into a wheelchair and sneak off to the lakefront. What the hell. After weeks here it's time to get outside, have a laugh, and reclaim some control. If you see two wildly cackling women running full-tilt with a wheelchair in front of Northwestern hospital security on Chicago news tonight, it's not a Halloween stunt . . . it's just us.

Prioritizing My Life

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Reflections

I changed a car battery for the first time today. For me this was a cause for celebration, though you may be wondering why a 43-year-old woman has never changed a car battery before. I can’t get the alternator tested before tomorrow, because I don’t have a voltmeter, but if the alternator is bad I’ve already looked up how to replace it and I think I’ll take a stab at that.

What is this, a sudden hankering for a career as a mechanic if I ever find the management consulting fees running thin? Not really – I hate getting my hands dirty and I’ve noticed