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Guns, God, and Platitudes

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

Now that the tragedy of Newtown has happened the guns, God, and family-values brigade is out in force. Why don't people think before they stand up in front of an entire press corps (or post semi-ridiculous Facebook memes)?

Having armed gunmen in place didn't help at Columbine, which had an armed guard, didn't help at Virginia Tech, which had its own police force, and didn't help at Fort Hood - which is an Army base for Pete's sake. And while I'm on the topic, putting God back in the schools may or may not have value. But it's sure as hell not the reason that Newtown happened. After all - priests and ministers of all persuasions have a long history of sexually abusing children in places of God. So really? Let's stop with all the knee-jerk platitudes and do some real critical thinking and rational discourse. There are solutions out there - we just have to be intelligent and engaged humans and get out there and find them.

You Get What You Listen For

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

I know that some people are more critical than complimentary, but not most people. So why do we seem to be a culture constantly on the defensive? I suspect it's because we hear criticisms with biting clarity and we are less attuned to noticing the compliments. When we tune our radar to seek love, we find a lot more of it. 

What? No Garden?

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

Why Global Drought Matters Locally

We didn't get our garden this year. For those of you who know me, that's a huge deal. But as week after week without rain

Mark Twain Wouldn't Say That!

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

I am alarmed by recent attempts to ignore the ugly aspects of our shared history. Skipping select parts of the constitution? Removing the n-word from Twain? How do we become a better society if we choose to ignore how we got here? We should be engaging in difficult conversations with one another, not mutually engineered denial.

Stop it Already

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

It's time for all lawmakers and wanna-be lawmakers to denounce Michelle Bachman's Muslim witch-hunt. After six people were murdered for being perceived to be Islamists in Wisconsin yesterday, and a mosque in Joplin burned to the ground today, it's time that our leaders take responsibility for their part in even tacitly supporting this most UnAmerican of behaviors. Any insanity in the name of "God" and "country" is still insanity - and we are no better for behaving violently for those reasons here than those we denounce for behaving violently for those reasons elsewhere.

We Need More PQ

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in People Issues

Besides EQ & IQ, most people need more PQ. Perspective is a powerful focusing agent. Learn to see things from the other's point of view.