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What I Finally Learned About Forgiveness

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

I am a very good parent. I am also a very flawed parent. As I have learned, you can’t really be one without being the other.

It took me a (shamefully?) long time to recognize this about my own parents. I was nearly 30-years-old before I saw them as the people they are, and not just as extensions of their parental roles (and therefore, of me).  By then, I had managed to be mad at/disappointed in both of them for at least a decade. Our relationships were painted by my judgment of them.

How Do You Bend the Lens?

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

It’s hard to know what is true in the world. I don’t think it’s a modern problem; I suspect it’s always been this way. The only difference now is that we have access to so much more information. So whereas in the past it was hard to know what was true because there was so little information, today it’s hard to know what is true because we have so much.

When Leadership is Lacking, Nothing Else Matters

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

Values Guide Decisions 

The Pope is leading again.

He has taken personal responsibility and apologized for the sex abuse by Catholic Church. I honestly didn't know which category to put this commentary in - the business/leadership blog or my Saints & Sinners section - because it is deeply relevant to both.

From the Catholic Church perspective, there is a long way to go before true healing can take place. Injured people are still fighting for validation and reparations from a generally hostile Bishopric.  But this accountability, this personal willingness to take responsibility for things that he was never personally a part of, this is the essence of leadership, and it will enable the healing to begin.

Let God Worry About It

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

Several months ago I received a personal email from a long-ago friend who is now a protestant minister. Apparently he had (finally?) learned that I am gay, and felt compelled to express to me his concerns about my choice and therefore, my soul. I was a little surprised that he felt so compelled to impose his opinions on me that way, but chose to use it as an opportunity to write the "what I would say to a minister if he out-of-the-blue decided to preach to me about my queerness" blog.

The Religion Trap

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

coexistThere is a story in the Talmud that is often used to summarize the essence of Judaism. During the first century B.C.E., a revered rabbi named Hillel was asked to sum up Judaism while standing on one foot. He replied: "Certainly! What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the Torah. The rest is commentary, now go and study."

Who Gets to Marry Whom? According to Which Religion?

Written by Andrea Hill on . Posted in Saints & Sinners

I am simply weary of people using sacred texts to justify cruelty, bigotry, and small-mindedness. I know that a lot of people feel the same way, so this video from the VLOG Brothers, tackling religion, marriage, and gay marriage, delights me.

My earliest religious teaching - from my mom and dad - emphasized the importance of taking the Bible as a whole, because understood in pieces it lost context. This continued through my teen years, when Father Larkin was adamant