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10 Demanding but Incredibly Important Rules for Working Tradeshows

these rules are the key to successToday’s blog is actually a podcast — a 16-minute extract from a presentation I recently made on getting the most out of your sales and sales organization. In this section, I share my 10 rules for working tradeshows, and why each rule has an impact on your success.

Here’s the short list of rules. Listen to the podcast to hear the reasons for them and what you gain by following them:

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1. Always prepare for a tradeshow by researching your top prospects in the event you see them.

2. Never sit in the booth.

3. You’re not selling shoes.

4. Take scheduled breaks from the booth.

5. Hire a booth buddy.

6. Never eat in the booth.

7. Capture every possible lead – that’s what the tradeshow is for.

8. Keep alcohol and late nights to a bare minimum.

9. Make each subsequent day better than the day before.

10. Never ever close up shop early.



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