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If your business fitness approach is to stick your toe in the water here and there to see if anything works, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Treat your business regimen as if you are training to defend your life, and you won’t be outrun, outgunned, or outmaneuvered when challengers come to call. Continue reading

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If you own a business and you are counting on that business for your future wealth and retirement income, you will undermine your future if you do not seek the most talented, most intelligent, most not-average people you can find to fill critical positions and provide you with the business support and advice you require. Continue reading

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if you understand the inputs and outputs of a business, you can make intelligent decisions about how much and where to allocate your funds and your time. Continue reading

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Margin is typically viewed within its accounting framework, but the rules of business are changing and business owners must expand their understanding of how to increase margin if they want to remain competitive and profitable. This video tells you how. Continue reading

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