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Why Character Matters in Small Business I love going through my daughter’s mail. Oh, I wouldn’t go through it without her! But her mail still comes to my house (that’s another story – she has had her own place for … Continue reading

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Last night my Motorola smartphone crapped out. Well, specifically the camera quit and could not be revived. As a person with a 3-day old grandson, no camera-phone was a no-go. So off I headed to the Verizon store.

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One of the most important tasks of a marketer is to take the company’s secret sauce – its special blend of products, services, and personality – and find the customers to whom it matters most. This is the work of … Continue reading

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One of the most difficult things to accept about sales is that it’s a numbers game. It can make us feel insignificant and faceless to think that it’s not who we are or what we have to offer, but only … Continue reading

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