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I’m not a consumer jewelry blogger, but this is something I wish every consumer jewelry buyer would know. It’s about how (great it is) to buy designer jewelry. When you buy designer jewelry, your jewelry has a back story Nearly … Continue reading

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It wasn’t that long ago that hashtags were still called pound signs and were primarily used for navigating voice mail, so give yourself a break if you’re still not sure how to use them. Now hashtags are here to stay, … Continue reading

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In the 1980s I cut my Direct Marketing teeth under the tutelage of Hank Johnson and Katie Muldoon, two of the giants of the catalog world. My previous business experience had been entertainment booking and promotion. Marketing in the entertainment … Continue reading

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You find yourself with an extra half hour at your desk and you know you should spend some quality time getting the view from above the forest, thinking about your business. But you don’t know where to start. You sit … Continue reading

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At one time success – indeed, survival – depended on developing mastery in some area. We don’t spend much time thinking or talking about mastery anymore, but we should. Today’s world worships the generalist. The person who can make a … Continue reading

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Look in a thesaurus for synonyms for integrity and you get a lot of stuffy, judgy words. Probity and rectitude on the mildly gross end, virtue and purity on the annoying end. So as you might imagine, it’s hard to … Continue reading

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For the first time in 20 years I had to miss the jewelry shows in Vegas. It gave me an interesting opportunity to observe the shows entirely through social media. At one point, in support of my (almost entirely female) … Continue reading

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