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When Will We Start Treating Lab-Grown Diamonds Like a Product Instead of Like an Intruder? The jewelry industry continues to take polarized positions on lab-grown. It seems like every time we’ve grown past this debate, another social media group comes … Continue reading

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I have been a student of creativity for most of life. My original career goal was to be an opera singer – I’m a mezzo soprano. So I trained all through adolescence and studied drama and music at university. But … Continue reading

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In this six-minute video, Andrea Hill talks about the importance of using your marketing strategy to build a long game of exponential value.

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The question of how to deliver the outstanding customer service consumers expect is easy to answer, but harder to implement.

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This week, at Initiatives in Art and Culture’s Gold Conference, the opening evening event – normally reserved for an outing at an atelier or exhibit – was instead devoted to a panel on issues facing women in the jewelry industry. … Continue reading

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A slightly different version of this article originally ran in InStore Magazine in March, 2017. You can read the original here. Sexual harassment isn’t about sex. It’s about power. Where sexual harassment begins and where it ends isn’t always clear. Is … Continue reading

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Ideas are a lot like zucchini. They tend to be prolific in production, but after a while you realize that a giant pile of zucchini isn’t all that useful (or appetizing). To get the full value out of a garden … Continue reading

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At the end of every project, we take time for reflection, during which we look for insights that will allow us to improve in the future. I like to do this with my life as well. I’ve never been one … Continue reading

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Using Poka Yoke, you can eliminate most of those head-smacking, why-did-we-make-that-mistake process problems.

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Getting to the root cause of problems can speed up the solutions. Even better – it can keep those problems from spring up somewhere else!

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