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Back in the saddle again

Dear patient readers:

It’s been an eventful year, though not particularly due to blogging activity. As many of you know, in May of last year we sold our house in the Southwest, and in July we moved across the country. In the time since then we have settled a small child into a new elementary school, big children into new colleges, established a new business in the Upper Midwest, have had 12 solid weeks of house guests out of 31 weeks since our arrival, nursed one child through surgery, a step-father through multiple hospitalizations, and most heart-breakingly, cared for my beloved brother-in-law Dick through a rapidly moving cancer. He died on December 21, at home, with all of us at his side. Have I mentioned we’re  glad to be home? We are not only glad, we’re  grateful.

And now, with the new year ahead of me and that crazy ride behind me, I am reclaiming some of the things I gave up to accommodate my life. I don’t see you benefitting from the knitting much (though my hats have a lot more value here than in our last residence), but I hope you will join me as I resume the ‘almost daily’ business blog.

To those of you who have emailed over the months, thank you for your interest and concern. I hope this little appearance on your RSS radar will be a welcome addition to your day.

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