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When my oldest child was eight years old, I stumbled upon a brilliant method of doling out consequences for less-than-desirable behavior. Instead of telling her what her punishment was, I asked her to decide on the punishment herself.

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One of the most important things you can do as a product designer is include customer feedback in your business thinking. I’m not talking about customer satisfaction surveys (though those are important too). I’m talking about impressions of your brand … Continue reading

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I am not a social media expert. In fact, I’m not even sure what that is.  I guess someone may claim to be a billboard expert, or a television advertising expert, but those are usually only the people selling those … Continue reading

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We’re getting a lot of requests for this, so here it is!

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(with a big bow to Marshall McLuhan) When you were a mere toddler, it’s likely you took boxes, pots and pans and turned them into toys. In grade school, we took plastic sheeting and turned it into sleds on the … Continue reading

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One of the most important tasks of a marketer is to take the company’s secret sauce – its special blend of products, services, and personality – and find the customers to whom it matters most. This is the work of … Continue reading

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You know the saying No Pain, No Gain, but here’s a little different way to look at it.  I have been reviewing/refining 2014 sales & marketing strategy for several clients yesterday and today, and the pain or gain aspect of … Continue reading

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Chatty Challenged A long time ago I had a neighbor named Nancy, and she had a daughter named Rebecca. Rebecca was a lovely girl; 12 years old, bright, funny, and sincere. She was also an only child, and had been … Continue reading

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As a writer, I value the editors in my life. They find my errors, recognize when I need to clarify, and push me to be better. An excellent editor approaches the task without self-involvement or ego – she seeks excellence … Continue reading

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The owner of a small retail shop in Canada recently asked me how she could discourage conversation with her one employee without making the workplace seem cold and uninviting. This is an issue many owners of small businesses face.

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