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I have been a student of creativity for most of life. My original career goal was to be an opera singer – I’m a mezzo soprano. So I trained all through adolescence and studied drama and music at university. But … Continue reading

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This is the second of a two-part post. To read the first installation, click here. I’m not suggesting collaboration is new – I’m suggesting we need more of it. Here are some examples of collaboration from which we can draw … Continue reading

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For most of grade school and middle school, my granddaughter was homeschooled…at my house. Each morning her mom dropped her off before she went to work, and Aubrey and would I head to our shared office. Most days she jumped … Continue reading

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I’m giving myself a subscription to Code4 Startup this year. Why? Because I need to learn a new programming language. Of course, I employ excellent programmers, and I don’t need to personally perform any coding for my job. So why … Continue reading

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I’m doing my annual ritual rounds at the Las Vegas jewelry shows: Part information gathering for my blog and industry articles, part assisting clients who are exhibiting, and part checking in with designers. Working a trade show is hard. I … Continue reading

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If you ever worry that you have adult onset ADD, you’re not alone. Maybe you do, or maybe your life is just filled with way too many distractions. Before you go running to the doctor for help, consider these tips for getting … Continue reading

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My office excites me. Every morning when I walk in (and especially after being away for travel), I ignite with the potential of the day. I’ve taken a bit of crap for this in my career. Even in my smallest … Continue reading

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At one time success – indeed, survival – depended on developing mastery in some area. We don’t spend much time thinking or talking about mastery anymore, but we should. Today’s world worships the generalist. The person who can make a … Continue reading

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One of my earliest jobs was at an advertising agency, and the main thing I remember about working there is that everybody screamed at each other all the time. Sometimes the screaming was loud, sometimes it was more of a … Continue reading

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When I walk trade shows I look for more than new products. As a business strategist and teacher, I want to see evidence of terrific business practice and innovation. Every show I go to, whether it’s jewelry, electronics, software, accessories, … Continue reading

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