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I have been a student of creativity for most of life. My original career goal was to be an opera singer – I’m a mezzo soprano. So I trained all through adolescence and studied drama and music at university. But … Continue reading

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At the end of every project, we take time for reflection, during which we look for insights that will allow us to improve in the future. I like to do this with my life as well. I’ve never been one … Continue reading

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It’s one thing to have a bad job experience; it’s another thing entirely to watch one’s children go through one. Yet, that’s what they must do. When young people enter the workforce, they are typically subjected to a series of … Continue reading

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Individuality is in, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses is out. Environmental stewardship is in, unconscious consumerism is out. Social awareness is in, ostentatious wealth is out. Thoughtful acquisition is in, conspicuous consumption is out. No wonder luxury jewelry is having a hard time.

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Nothing will kill a business faster than simply fighting the same old battles and doing the same old things. Are you showing up to work energized each morning? Are you excited about the work you plan to do that day? … Continue reading

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I am of a split mind when it comes to  comparison between the jewelry industry and the fashion industry. On the one hand, jewelry is definitely part of a woman’s wardrobe and it plays an important role in her expression … Continue reading

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Sometimes I listen to parents complain bitterly about things their toddlers – or teenagers – are doing; things which are totally age-appropriate. If you’re like me, you think to yourself, “as long as you’re a parent, you would have a … Continue reading

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From my earliest days as a business leader, I understood that a business had to have a clear, unified purpose in order to be successful. It was drilled into me – in school, by business thought leaders, by my Boards … Continue reading

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This month the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column took the female CEO of a major jewelry company to task for being abrasive, hurting employees’ feelings, and keeping employees in long meetings. The article was passed around in jewelry … Continue reading

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Look in a thesaurus for synonyms for integrity and you get a lot of stuffy, judgy words. Probity and rectitude on the mildly gross end, virtue and purity on the annoying end. So as you might imagine, it’s hard to … Continue reading

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