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I don’t think companies can afford to continue to operate in the old hierarchical ways. Those structures will be the dinosaur bones in the dirt within this century. Flat, networked organizations are not the thing of the future – they are the organizational design of now. So companies thinking about making a transition are wise to do so. But the process needs to be approached with a deep respect for how much time and investment will be required to achieve the desired results. Continue reading

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Open source is not free. It’s kind of like the casinos of old. The food was practically free. It got you in the door. But the cost of the rest of the experience had a lot to do with your skills and self-control. If what you are good at is designing software AND designing business operating environments, and you are also good at new product development project management and managing software developers, then open source may be a good option. It’s still not free, but it’s definitely flexible. If your business is so unique that no other business models apply, open source may also be a good option (this, by the way, is extremely rare). Continue reading

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