stop anxiety with this methodIf you are a persistent person – and if you’re reading this blog, you probably are – then you know the power of focusing on something intensely until it gets done.

Unfortunately, the brain with the power to hone in relentlessly on solving a problem or achieving a goal is often the same brain that grabs onto a negative thought or a fear and can’t let that go either. If you ever find your brain spinning incessantly on an unproductive thought, no matter how hard you try to stop focusing on it, this method will help you. Continue reading

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Get inspired - I like small, natural, beautiful elements

Tealights burning in rock salt ionize the air.

My office excites me. Every morning when I walk in (and especially after being away for travel), I ignite with the potential of the day. I’ve taken a bit of crap for this in my career. Even in my smallest of offices, I always had fresh flowers, pictures that inspire me, a tiny coffee maker – anything that would look, smell, and feel like motivation — anything that would help me get inspired. Continue reading

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Put your pain under the microscope and find the real causes

I’ve had a problem with my left knee for a while. It hitches when I walk, and complains when I go up and down the stairs. I just figured that getting older has its price. When I did give it some thought, I’d wonder “what the heck is wrong with my knee?”

As it turns out, I was asking the wrong question. Continue reading

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smartphone-video-games-Depositphotos_6579058_webQuick. Take out your smartphone. Open your website. What do you see?

If your website seamlessly reconfigured itself to be easily readable on your phone, you’re in good shape. This automatic sizing is called responsive, and it’s what website visitors demand today. If, however, your reading panels are too wide, if you have to move your phone into landscape mode to read the text, if your pictures run off the sides, if you have to squint . . . you have pretty much demoted your own site to the nether regions of Google search.

Why? Because 98.3% of smartphone owners use their devices to access the internet. So Google – which has a vested interest in delivering good search results – is taking its belt to sites that haven’t upgraded to responsive design. If your site won’t automatically reconfigure itself to any device of any size, you need to fix it now.

Consider this more of a PSA than a blog post. Let’s get on this folks.

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Nothing will kill a business faster than simply fighting the same old battles and doing the same old things.

Business-vision-infographic-stockunlimited1587362-webAre you showing up to work energized each morning? Are you excited about the work you plan to do that day? Do you feel intellectually stimulated and emotionally satisfied by your work?

If you can’t answer yes! to these questions at least seven days out of ten, then you’re not having as much fun at work as you should Continue reading

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Jewelers bring competitive advantage to retail storesDavid Geller, 14th generation jeweler, author of the Geller Blue Book, and expert on jewelry retail, wrote an open letter to the jewelry industry that is a must-read for all of us. Continue reading

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jewelry-industry-navel-gazingI am of a split mind when it comes to  comparison between the jewelry industry and the fashion industry. On the one hand, jewelry is definitely part of a woman’s wardrobe and it plays an important role in her expression of her fashion sense (this is true for men too, but to a lesser extent). On the other hand, jewelry is more enduring than fashion, lasting far longer than for one or a few seasons.

Of course, there is the whole category of fashion jewelry, which is more trend oriented and typically at lower price points than fine jewelry.  Fashion jewelry should be getting a lot of our attention, as social and economic trends show that consumers (outside the 1%) are spending less money less often on luxury goods. In fact, fashion jewelry is where department stores, internet sellers, and boutiques are stealing the independent retail jeweler’s lunch. Continue reading

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numbers-graphsRemember a time when different jewelry producers could place their collections in retail stores, and rely on retail stores to bring in traffic? The numbers game back then was one of local customers. Retailers who were on a busy street, in a mall with good traffic, or who had achieved destination retailer status could bring in the numbers.

So what happens when the foot traffic isn’t there and most malls are ghosts of their former selves? Continue reading

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Digital Consumers in an Analog WorldI’m sitting in a Starbucks getting some work done between appointments. At the table across from me sits a 70ish woman. She’s reading a magazine and she has a Daytimer and pen on the table. From all appearances, she is a non-digital person, and that seems rational given her age. Continue reading

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Two of my grandchildren are under the age of two. Active little boys, they give me such delight as I watch them develop and grow. They also make me gasp in fear on a regular basis.

Just the other day, I looked up and saw the 21-month-old carefully walking down the stairs from the 2nd floor, holding a fairly large (for him) wooden box in his hands, and therefore not holding on to the railings. We’ve been teaching him stair safety, which involves sitting on his little bottom and scooting safely down the steps. But apparently this box (absconded from his older sister’s bedroom) was just too absorbing. He forgot about scooting entirely. Continue reading

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