Should you ever be on sale?My favorite afternoon snack is mixed nuts and seeds. There’s a special mix I buy that is perfect except . . . it contains Brazil nuts. I really don’t like Brazil nuts.

The good news is that my wife loves them. So every two or three weeks I bring her a canister containing all the remaining Brazil nuts. In fact, she likes them so much that I suggested that we buy a bag of Brazil nuts so she wouldn’t have to wait for my leftovers. Interestingly, she declined.

Who is Your Brazil Nut Eater?

There are a lot of business management myths in the jewelry industry (a lot. A ridiculous lot). The one I’m tackling today is the one that says Designers Should Never Be on Sale. Continue reading

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Be Fearless!I’m doing my annual ritual rounds at the Las Vegas jewelry shows: Part information gathering for my blog and industry articles, part assisting clients who are exhibiting, and part checking in with designers. Working a trade show is hard. I don’t mean for me – I mean for the people who are selling. And it’s particularly hard for the artists who are selling their own designs. If that’s you, I’m writing this for you. I hope you get a chance to read this before you do the show all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Continue reading

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How the pieces of strategic planning fit togetherPeople often confuse strategic planning with business planning. They also are unsure of where marketing strategy, sales strategy, sales forecasting, and branding fit in the mix. This podcast tells you how these elements fit together, and in what order. Continue reading

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these rules are the key to successToday’s blog is actually a podcast — a 16-minute extract from a presentation I recently made on getting the most out of your sales and sales organization. In this section, I share my 10 rules for working tradeshows, and why each rule has an impact on your success. Continue reading

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starve your distractions, feed your focusIf you ever worry that you have adult onset ADD, you’re not alone. Maybe you do, or maybe your life is just filled with way too many distractions. Before you go running to the doctor for help, consider these tips for getting focused and staying that way. Continue reading

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The artisan/designer jewelry represnts the epitome of art and craftIndividuality is in, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses is out.

Environmental stewardship is in, unconscious consumerism is out.

Social awareness is in, ostentatious wealth is out.

Thoughtful acquisition is in, conspicuous consumption is out.

No wonder luxury jewelry is having a hard time. Continue reading

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Digital design has transformed industriesI was just on a conference call with three experts in digital design. We are preparing for a panel discussion at the Gold Conference in New York at the end of April (you really should join us! Here’s a link to learn more about the conference). We were discussing the transformative aspect of digital design and manufacture, and whether or not the jewelry industry has actually embraced that yet.

Many of us are talking about the struggles in the jewelry industry.  Continue reading

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Keep Your Mind on Your GoalsI’ve been doing something for the past year that is really working for me. Like you, I run a business. And like you, I often get caught up in the details of that business. So I have to be very intentional about maintaining my focus on the bigger picture. Continue reading

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stop anxiety with this methodIf you are a persistent person – and if you’re reading this blog, you probably are – then you know the power of focusing on something intensely until it gets done.

Unfortunately, the brain with the power to hone in relentlessly on solving a problem or achieving a goal is often the same brain that grabs onto a negative thought or a fear and can’t let that go either. If you ever find your brain spinning incessantly on an unproductive thought, no matter how hard you try to stop focusing on it, this method will help you. Continue reading

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Get inspired - I like small, natural, beautiful elements

Tealights burning in rock salt ionize the air.

My office excites me. Every morning when I walk in (and especially after being away for travel), I ignite with the potential of the day. I’ve taken a bit of crap for this in my career. Even in my smallest of offices, I always had fresh flowers, pictures that inspire me, a tiny coffee maker – anything that would look, smell, and feel like motivation — anything that would help me get inspired. Continue reading

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