Businesses that fail to adopt sophisticated digital marketing strategies are facing an uncertain future, as consumers move most of their shopping (which is not the same as buying) online. Andrea Hill shares her perspective on the changes driving retail in this podcast.

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This is the podcast version of an article published on LinkedIn on April 9, 2018.

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A slightly different version of this article originally ran in InStore Magazine in March, 2017. You can read the original here.

Sexual harassment isn’t about sex. It’s about power.

Where sexual harassment begins and where it ends isn’t always clear. Is a dirty joke sexual harassment? Is a lewd look sexual harassment? If your co-workers are constantly dropping f-bombs in the next cubicle, is that sexual harassment or just garden-variety rudeness? And what about paying a man with the same experience 30% more than what you pay a woman in the same job with the same experience? Is that sexual harassment? Is it gender inequality? And what is the difference? Some people use the lack of clarity around sexual harassment as a reason to dismiss it.  So let’s break it down. Continue reading

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Graphic that illustrates Turn ideas into profits with project management skillsIdeas are a lot like zucchini. They tend to be prolific in production, but after a while you realize that a giant pile of zucchini isn’t all that useful (or appetizing). To get the full value out of a garden full of zucchini, you must use a recipe and transform them into something else — like zucchini bread, zucchini casserole, and my favorite – zucchini sushi. Continue reading

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2017 - Time for Reflection

At the end of every project, we take time for reflection, during which we look for insights that will allow us to improve in the future. I like to do this with my life as well. I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, because improvement should be a year-round endeavor. But I am a fan of year-end reflection, to review what I learned from the past year and what I can do better in the next. Continue reading

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Woman smacking her head over making a mistake.

Using Poka Yoke, you can eliminate most of those head-smacking, why-did-we-make-that-mistake process problems.

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tree symbol with hand lettering root cause analysis word as quality business development and growing concept vector illustration

Getting to the root cause of problems can speed up the solutions. Even better – it can keep those problems from spring up somewhere else!

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This is the second of a two-part post. To read the first installation, click here.

Collaboration Imagery

I’m not suggesting collaboration is new – I’m suggesting we need more of it. Here are some examples of collaboration from which we can draw inspiration and fuel new ideas. Continue reading

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Faces of Renaissance thinkers and artisansEveryone wants to know:

  • What is the future of retail?
  • Who will tell us what it looks like?
  • What do consumers really want?
  • How do we remain relevant? Continue reading
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Image of burning matchstick - ignite motivation from within

For most of grade school and middle school, my granddaughter was homeschooled…at my house. Each morning her mom dropped her off before she went to work, and Aubrey and would I head to our shared office. Most days she jumped on her computer, loged into her curriculum (she is enrolled in an international online school), and knocked out her lessons. Some days though, she just couldn’t get into it. And most of the time when that happened, it’s not that she wasn’t motivated to do her lesson. It’s that she couldn’t relate to it. Continue reading

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Clear Expectations Help You Release Control

Create Clear Expectations or Learn to JuggleOne of the things I like to write about is how to get out of our own way, and how most people get in their own way by fearing change and trying new things. But what if you like change, you embrace learning new things, and you’re still stuck? Then it’s possible you’re suffering from one or both of the other two reasons we get in our own way: a need to control everything, or sacrificing good for the perfect. Continue reading

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