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Problems? No Problem

My business post will come in a little bit late today, but in the meantime, here’s an interesting thought for you to ponder:
“Is there anything more dangerous than getting up in the morning and having nothing to worry about, no problems to solve, no friction to heat you up? That state can be a threat to your health. If untreated, it incites an unconscious yearning for any old dumb trouble that might arouse some excitement.  Acquiring problems is a fundamental human need. It’s as crucial to your well-being as getting food, air, water, sleep, and love. You define yourself–indeed, you make yourself–through the riddles you attract and solve. The most creative people on the planet are those who frame the biggest, hardest questions and then gather the resources necessary to find the answers” (Breszny, 2005).
Breszny is no hard-core business writer. He writes horoscopes for a living (which, by the way, I must read first thing each morning – sometimes it’s the only good advice one gets all day!).  But there is much business truth in this quote. I suspect that it will work for you on multiple levels. And hey – if you’re faced with a lot of hard problems today, here’s your license to feel like one of the most creative people on the planet!
Back later . . .
Brezsny, R. (2005). Pronoia. San Rafael, California: Frog Ltd./Televisionary Publishing.

(c) Andrea M. Hill, 2007

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  1. Bill says:

    Great job trying to educate and clarify the people interactive and value flow of business. Thanks.

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