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Give a Hoot – Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners often ask us which social media tools to use to improve their social media performance. MJSA Journal asked Andrea Hill the same thing early in 2012. Andrea’s response was published as a sidebar in the June 2012 MJSA Journal. Do you like what you read in this blog? If so, don’t miss out on Andrea’s monthly column in the MJSA Journal! Your subscription to the Journal is part of a membership in MJSA – something we highly recommend for anyone making, marketing, and selling jewelry.

Keeping up with social media can dizzy even the tech savviest business owner. Updating your Facebook status, sending out meaningful tweets, commenting on relevant LinkedIn posts—it all takes precious time.

If you participate in more than one social media environment, HootSuite may be your dream come true. It’s essentially a dashboard that enables you to manage multiple networks in one place, eliminating the need to open up each of the services you use and keep track of what you posted, when and where. It also lets you analyze and measure your social media performance.

The following are a few more of its many benefits:

  • Today’s customer might not pick up the phone or type a quick email if they have a request of you—sometimes they’ll opt to message you via social media, instead. This makes keeping track of customer information across platforms essential—and a dashboard enables you to assign these tasks and track their completion.
  • HootSuite enables you to monitor mentions on all of your social media presences and respond in real time. When all of your conversations are in one place, you can respond quickly and move on with the rest of your daily tasks.
  • The ability to schedule posts via a dashboard is great. For example, rather than spending 15 minutes each day trying to come up with a good Tweet, you can sit down for two hours at a time, get into a groove, and think up two weeks’ worth of tweets. Then you simply schedule them for the days and times you want them to post, and decide which other social networks you want them to appear on. It’s so much more efficient than doing social media one post at a time. Sure, there are items you may want to post as they pop into your head, but you can use this tool to do the heavy lifting in advance.

Curious to see how it works? Download a free 30-day trial at hootsuite.com.

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