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I spend a lot of time thinking about the balance between cultivating customers and customer profitability – both for my own business, and for my clients. For every type of B-to-B business – whether you sell products or services – … Continue reading

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              We humans aren’t particularly fond of change. The status quo feels safe, and it allows us to operate on auto-pilot. But while auto-pilot is excellent for basic functions like breathing and walking, it’s … Continue reading

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When you’re seated at a restaurant, hungry, enthusiastic about eating, you don’t turn away the wait staff, right? You might ask for a few minutes to decide, but you don’t put them off indefinitely. When you go to the salon … Continue reading

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Happy 2014! By now all the holidays are past and you are reasonably recovered and ready to take the world by storm in the new year, right? Before you apply all that enthusiasm and energy, let’s take a few minutes … Continue reading

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Most entrepreneurs run a very tight business, keeping the administrative costs as low as possible and devoting all their funds to the marketing and product development side of their business. This is the right thing to do. But administrative tasks … Continue reading

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Thoughts on avoiding knock-off designer jewelry for custom jewelers The subject of whose idea was it anyway is a sore one in the world of jewelry design. Designers throw their life savings and energy into creating a jewelry line, and … Continue reading

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If your business fitness approach is to stick your toe in the water here and there to see if anything works, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Treat your business regimen as if you are training to defend your life, and you won’t be outrun, outgunned, or outmaneuvered when challengers come to call. Continue reading

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Understanding and managing product costs is one of the most challenging – and critical – responsibilities of small manufacturing business owners. This article offers common sense, achievable advice for taking control of costs and profitability. Continue reading

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Sure the economy is difficult. But you’re going to go to work anyway, right? So take a page from the independent retailers (booksellers, music stores, jewelry stores, video stores) who have thrived in the face of significant big-box retail competition. If you start viewing the difficult economy as if it were a difficult competitor, perhaps you can convert that helpless feeling of anxiety to a bout of righteous activity instead. Continue reading

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Your overall pricing strategy is secondary to your company’s strategy and value proposition. “Lowest price always” is a valid strategy, but it has to be applicable across the board, and not just on a product or two. It is also heavily dependent on volume, which is why you have to be the size of Wal-Mart or Amazon to successfully deploy that strategy. Other value propositions are customer intimacy, leading product/technology, and system lock-in. Continue reading

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