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This blog post is one in a series of eight articles that explore the most important characteristics of a strong leader. These articles are linked to a Prezi visual presentation, which you can view here. Create a Strong Business Culture … Continue reading

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Margin is typically viewed within its accounting framework, but the rules of business are changing and business owners must expand their understanding of how to increase margin if they want to remain competitive and profitable. This video tells you how. Continue reading

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Nobody walks into a Walmart and thinks she is in Target. She may be looking for the same brand of paper towel or hair color, but she knows which mass merchant’s store she’s in the second those sliding doors glide … Continue reading

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The biggest danger to a business owner is lack of originality – generally demonstrated by virtue of getting trapped in his or her industry’s trends. Industry trend following simply turns your business into a commodity business. Avoid the trap, and maintain your margins. Continue reading

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Fight or flight syndrome leaves out an important – and destructive – third reaction. Freeze. Are you doing the business equivalent of the suicidal bunny routine? Continue reading

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The changes you choose to make now will have tremendous impact on the success you can expect in the future. Too many companies are cutting loose important (strategic) talent, eliminating their advertising budgets, changing their marketing strategies, and reducing their operations to customer-unfriendly shells in fear-fueled efforts to survive. Continue reading

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Our increasingly complex world creates consumers who seek familiarity and recognizable patterns to ease their decision-making. Business owners who sell their differences while making themselves seem very familiar will achieve the greatest success. Continue reading

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I invite you to ponder two thoughts over the weekend. I’d like you to think about the effects of fear, and the benefits of action. Continue reading

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Here’s why. Database analysis to study customers is a lot like looking at the animals in the zoo. Don’t get me wrong – you can learn a lot. But it’s an observation, not an experience. How the heck did we get to the point where the word intimacy, which means a close association or connection, of or relating to inner character or essential nature (according to Webster’s unabridged) – how did we start applying that word to a business concept that most people interpret to mean “figure out what your customers buy, when they buy it, how they buy it, and why they buy it – and use that information to sell them more of it” ? Continue reading

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There are similarities. The smart companies across industries are evaluating means to reduce their costs, maintain brand, marketing and sales focus, and increase customer value. Savvy operators have switched from a quarterly/monthly financial evaluation strategy to a monthly/weekly financial evaluation strategy. Even the folks who don’t care much for reading are watching the financial and business news every day. Continue reading

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