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Selling is hard. So hard, that unless you know some facts about it, you might just think you’re terrible at it! It may be comforting to you to know that the struggles in selling are real and universal. The good … Continue reading

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I know better than this. I mean, I teach selling skills to sales people in a broad range of businesses, and one of the things I teach is that there are four buyer types: the Gain buyer, the Pain buyer, … Continue reading

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Update 5/6/2015 – you can now download an update of this article and a 24-page tradeshow planner free when you sign up for our email list. I’ve worked a lot of trade shows. Until 2007, I exhibited at 3-4 major … Continue reading

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One of the most difficult things to accept about sales is that it’s a numbers game. It can make us feel insignificant and faceless to think that it’s not who we are or what we have to offer, but only … Continue reading

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Chatty Challenged A long time ago I had a neighbor named Nancy, and she had a daughter named Rebecca. Rebecca was a lovely girl; 12 years old, bright, funny, and sincere. She was also an only child, and had been … Continue reading

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This blog post is one in a series of eight articles that explore the most important characteristics of better leaders. These articles are linked to a Prezi visual presentation, which you can view here. Be the Chief Customer Finder If … Continue reading

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