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Focus on How Business Software Programs are Designed Are you looking for the perfect business software program? There is no such thing as a perfect software. Every software you evaluate will do some things you like, and others you do … Continue reading

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Executives who fail to master a broad understanding of technology applications risk holding their organizations hostage to their lack of knowledge. Continue reading

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The changes you choose to make now will have tremendous impact on the success you can expect in the future. Too many companies are cutting loose important (strategic) talent, eliminating their advertising budgets, changing their marketing strategies, and reducing their operations to customer-unfriendly shells in fear-fueled efforts to survive. Continue reading

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Most western education trains us to look back on a scheduled basis and evaluate how we have done so far. This process is healthy for assessing past work, but is practically useless for ensuring ongoing improvement.   It would be … Continue reading

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One topic that seems to create a lot of concern – with both customers requiring consulting and blog readers – is the topic of using systems to facilitate communication. There are three camps. Camp 1 is the group who is … Continue reading

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